A broken or cracked windshield can make your car dangerous for your children. If your kids still sit in the back seat, they are vulnerable to impact or collision if your side auto glass or rear windshield is damaged. Dallas Glass and Auto can make your car safe again with an auto glass repair or a windshield replacement.

The Effects of a Collision on a Damaged Windshield

Every chip, crack, or break makes the auto glass in your automobile weaker. A full windshield is designed to withstand high levels of impact. The glass is tempered to stay intact during a collision. Cracks and breaks can compromise the glass’ structural integrity making it easier for an object to fly through the window. It doesn’t matter which window in the car is cracked. No seat in the car is safe for you or your children.

Car Seats Will Not Protect Your Children From Glass

We recommend that you keep infants and toddlers in car seats at all times. You should always place car seats in the rear to avoid a frontal impact. Car seats, however, elevate your children to window level. Therefore, if you have a broken or chipped side window, anything object that projects through the window can injure your child. Your safest option is to bring your car to Dallas Glass and Auto for a full replacement. We can secure your vehicle and make it kid-safe.