Only Dallas Glass and Auto can help you locate a windshield for your classic car or truck.  Although locating some windshields are either difficult or impossible, we can generally find the window that was specifically designed for your car.

If you want to search for a windshield, here are some places you can look:

● Dealers that specialize in vintage auto parts

● The auto manufacturer

● Junkyards

● Local auto restoration experts

● Classic car clubs

Installing the Exact Windshield Replacement
Although it is possible to find the exact glass replacement for your vehicle, it may not be a good idea. Glass safety standards have radically changed over the last 50 years. Therefore, if you purchase an actual vintage windshield, you may be compromising the safety of the passengers in your car.

While original windshields give you a sense of nostalgia and pride, you may find that there is no warranty to cover them or auto insurance company that will write a policy for them. Check with your insurance to find out more about coverage. You may also want to find out if the windshield meets Texas safety regulations. You can call your local DMV to find out about windshield laws.