Damaged Windshields are Not Safe
Structural damage to a windshield inhibits its ability to protect you in a collision. During an impact, the glass could explode back into the vehicle and injure you or the passenger in the car. A cracked windshield provides zero stability during an accident.

A cracked windshield cannot provide the support needed to the impact of flying objects on the road or in a wreck. You cannot guarantee a safe ride for you or anyone in your vehicle in an accident.

Small Cracks and Chips Only Get Worse
Auto glass damage only gets worse with time. A Dallas Glass and Auto technician can fix small issues before they turn into costly repairs. Fixing small dings and chips in your windshield takes less effort and reduces labor costs. We can remove small chips quickly and easily. Chip repair is also affordable.

Insurance May Not Cover the Windshield
If an insurance company can establish that you failed to replace a cracked windshield prior to an accident, it may not cover your the replacement under the conditions of the policy. You are better off getting the windshield replaced as soon as possible. Only Dallas Glass and Auto technicians can replace the windshield with a new windshield that will meet the conditions of your auto insurance policy.

Accident Liability
If you are operating a vehicle with a cracked or broken windshield, you may be liable for injuring the passenger in your car. In addition, if someone else is driving your vehicle, you may be liable for their injuries as well.

If they sustain a personal injury, they can file a claim against your insurance company or you. You or your insurance company may have to negotiate a settlement. Consequently, your insurance provider may drop coverage to avoid any future liability.