Windshields serve as an important aspect of your auto, truck or RV. Armoring all your vehicle occupants from on the road dangers, a  windshield in need of repair is a HUGE safety concern that needs to be addressed. Certain recommended safety measurements you can take during the DFW heat to avoid sometimes expensive auto glass repair bills and ensure the safety of  all your vehicle’s occupants.

  • Avoid driving behind large trucks on 635, 75, I-35 and other major DFW highways when possible
  • Only use manufacturer recommended auto glass cleaning solutions to prevent scratching your delicate auto, truck or RV glass.
  • Repair ALL Auto Glass issues immediately to avoid more costly repairs down the road.

If your Auto, Truck, RV or HOME glass/windows/windshield does need replacement do not hesitate to contact the Dallas Auto Glass Repair and Replacement. Dallas Auto Glass Repair and Replacements mobile repair team is ready to dispatch in Plano and the Geater Dallas area