Children and Auto Glass Safety

A broken or cracked windshield can make your car dangerous for your children. If your kids still sit in the back seat, they are vulnerable to impact or collision if your side auto glass or rear windshield is damaged. Dallas Glass and Auto can make your car safe again with an auto glass repair or a windshield replacement.

The Effects of a Collision on a Damaged Windshield

Every chip, crack, or break makes the auto glass in your automobile weaker. A full windshield is designed to withstand high levels of impact. The glass is tempered to stay intact during a collision. Cracks and breaks can compromise the glass’ structural integrity making it easier for an object to fly through the window. It doesn’t matter which window in the car is cracked. No seat in the car is safe for you or your children.

Car Seats Will Not Protect Your Children From Glass

We recommend that you keep infants and toddlers in car seats at all times. You should always place car seats in the rear to avoid a frontal impact. Car seats, however, elevate your children to window level. Therefore, if you have a broken or chipped side window, anything object that projects through the window can injure your child. Your safest option is to bring your car to Dallas Glass and Auto for a full replacement. We can secure your vehicle and make it kid-safe.

Cracked Windshield? Your Safety is at Risk!

Damaged Windshields are Not Safe
Structural damage to a windshield inhibits its ability to protect you in a collision. During an impact, the glass could explode back into the vehicle and injure you or the passenger in the car. A cracked windshield provides zero stability during an accident.

A cracked windshield cannot provide the support needed to the impact of flying objects on the road or in a wreck. You cannot guarantee a safe ride for you or anyone in your vehicle in an accident.

Small Cracks and Chips Only Get Worse
Auto glass damage only gets worse with time. A Dallas Glass and Auto technician can fix small issues before they turn into costly repairs. Fixing small dings and chips in your windshield takes less effort and reduces labor costs. We can remove small chips quickly and easily. Chip repair is also affordable.

Insurance May Not Cover the Windshield
If an insurance company can establish that you failed to replace a cracked windshield prior to an accident, it may not cover your the replacement under the conditions of the policy. You are better off getting the windshield replaced as soon as possible. Only Dallas Glass and Auto technicians can replace the windshield with a new windshield that will meet the conditions of your auto insurance policy.

Accident Liability
If you are operating a vehicle with a cracked or broken windshield, you may be liable for injuring the passenger in your car. In addition, if someone else is driving your vehicle, you may be liable for their injuries as well.

If they sustain a personal injury, they can file a claim against your insurance company or you. You or your insurance company may have to negotiate a settlement. Consequently, your insurance provider may drop coverage to avoid any future liability.

Class Auto Windshield Replacement

Only Dallas Glass and Auto can help you locate a windshield for your classic car or truck.  Although locating some windshields are either difficult or impossible, we can generally find the window that was specifically designed for your car.

If you want to search for a windshield, here are some places you can look:

● Dealers that specialize in vintage auto parts

● The auto manufacturer

● Junkyards

● Local auto restoration experts

● Classic car clubs

Installing the Exact Windshield Replacement
Although it is possible to find the exact glass replacement for your vehicle, it may not be a good idea. Glass safety standards have radically changed over the last 50 years. Therefore, if you purchase an actual vintage windshield, you may be compromising the safety of the passengers in your car.

While original windshields give you a sense of nostalgia and pride, you may find that there is no warranty to cover them or auto insurance company that will write a policy for them. Check with your insurance to find out more about coverage. You may also want to find out if the windshield meets Texas safety regulations. You can call your local DMV to find out about windshield laws.

Car Windshield Crack Types

There are many different windshield cracks, chips, and breaks that can happen, mostly dependent on where the object that strikes the windshield hits. Here are some of the most common:

Chip: When a small rock or object meets your windshield, a tiny piece or chip is taken out of the glass. Chips will spread with time, cracking outward from their centers and evolving into a more significant affected area.

Edge Crack: Edge cracks speak for damage that occur at the perimeter of the windshield, along the outer three inches. Impact to this area often causes long, meandering cracks that usually result in the need for a full replacement.

Stress Crack: The one type of crack that doesn’t involve the impact of another object is a stress crack. When your windshield experiences an immediate, extreme temperature change, a stress crack can occur.

When Glass Breaks

What To Do When Auto Glass or Home Windows Break

Dallas and Plano home and auto owners will all eventually need to replace or repair broken windows or glass.  Contact Dallas Auto and Residential  and our local Dallas and Plano staff of certified glass pros will come out to your vehicle’s location or home to give a free, no obligation estimate.

When one of your home windows is damaged it can pose a serious threat and possibly harm to the home occupants. Take the following measures to insure nothing more serious than your auto or residential glass/windows being broke in the first place has caused:

Be sure to wear steel toed shoes and thick gloves to avoid personal injury.

Pick up the large pieces of glass and dispose of them.  Helpful tip –  use wide as possible masking tape by pressing it into the shards of glass and dispose of them this way.

If possible – thoroughly vacuum the area and surrounding area where your home or auto glass broke.

Safety measures like these when  your Dallas/Plano auto or residential windows and/or glass breaks can minimize headaches and any unnecessary future problems you may encounter.

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Home Window Installation Tips

Like many aspects of your valued home, you more than likely do not want to fix your residential windows unless they are in need of repair.

New home window replacements can help you improve the overall value of your home. Home window maintenance also helps you to properly protect and insulate your home. It’s important to take care of your windows because they work hard all day every day. They offer natural light, protect you and the interior of your home from the elements and from unwanted pests, and windows have a huge impact your electric costs. You should consider home window replacement services from Dallas Glass Repair, especially if you have an older home. Newer models of windows offer much better insulation, which will help you keep your utility costs lower.

If you have windows that are leaking or drafty, it is likely time to have them replaced. Don’t wait until you have a cracked window or something more serious to seek professional services. It will be less stressful and frustrating if you are proactive in making these improvements. Home window replacement and repair are important to consider, and you will enjoy many benefits from properly caring for your very important residential windows.

Buying Hail Damaged Car?

Some great advice if you are considering purchasing a new car with existing hail damage at a discount. Many cars were damaged in this week’s hail storm, and now they may be on sale at rock bottom prices. Wayne Carter tells you what you should consider before you make a purchase.

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Heat and Auto Glass

Windshields serve as an important aspect of your auto, truck or RV. Armoring all your vehicle occupants from on the road dangers, a  windshield in need of repair is a HUGE safety concern that needs to be addressed. Certain recommended safety measurements you can take during the DFW heat to avoid sometimes expensive auto glass repair bills and ensure the safety of  all your vehicle’s occupants.

  • Avoid driving behind large trucks on 635, 75, I-35 and other major DFW highways when possible
  • Only use manufacturer recommended auto glass cleaning solutions to prevent scratching your delicate auto, truck or RV glass.
  • Repair ALL Auto Glass issues immediately to avoid more costly repairs down the road.

If your Auto, Truck, RV or HOME glass/windows/windshield does need replacement do not hesitate to contact the Dallas Auto Glass Repair and Replacement. Dallas Auto Glass Repair and Replacements mobile repair team is ready to dispatch in Plano and the Geater Dallas area

Always use Certified Glass Techs

Contact Dallas Glass and Auto for a FREE QUOTE!! We often take our windows and glass doors in our houses for granted – until they break, that is. It’s hard to know where to start when you need to replace the glass in your house, and it can be tempting to think that you’ll be able to replace your glass yourself. Before you find yourself going down that road too far, you should know that glass is a very tricky part of a house, and it is very important to use a glass professional when replacing the glass in your home. The problems with glass are many, and they won’t necessarily present themselves until you have already bought your glass and are beginning the install.

The Right Glass For Your House

Do you need reflective glass? Or gas filled? Or do you need spectrally selective coated glass? There are many types of window glass, and you might not know which type is right for your house, or even right for specific windows around your house. Different glass types let in different amount of heat from the sun and insulate your house in different ways. Depending on where you live, you may need multiple types throughout your house. A glass professional can work with you and take the guesswork out of selecting the best replacements.

Installation is Hazardous  – and Glass is Not Cheap
Glass is a very fragile material, and installation of glass requires fitting panes into very tight spaces. Without proper know-how, it is very easy to accidentally break that pane of glass that you just bought and probably spent a long time trying to fit. That means another trip to the hardware store and and more hours lost with the very real possibility of breaking another pane. Simply put, professionals have spent thousands of hours doing this and are much more efficient and experienced than it’s possible for an amateur to be.

Glass Can Be Dangerous
Have you ever cut yourself on broken glass? Then you know it’s not a fun thing to have happen. Glass breaks easily, and when it does, it becomes dangerous. Shattered glass is incredibly sharp and many people have suffered serious nerve and tendon damage in their hands at the mercy of a shattered window. From taking out the broken pieces to be replaced, to the tricky installation, a lot can go wrong. When glass does break, disposal can be a problem on it’s own. Whether it’s a child or a pet getting into the garbage, or another unsuspecting person handling it, shattered glass remains dangerous even after you think you have disposed of it.

Drafty Residential Windows?


Contact Dallas Glass Repair and Replacement today at: 972-408-6233 for a free quote and fix your home windows today!

Costly , windy, cold air leaks can have long term effects. During the hot DFW Summers, you want your windows to shut properly and keep hot air out, and in the winter, cold air shouldn’t sneak in and drive up your heating bills. To keep your home comfortable, affordable, and energy efficient, you need to find ways to keep your windows from leaking air.

The good news is that you have many options for fixing those drafts. No matter how your pocket book looks, you can find a solution to fit your budget needs.

If the source of the draft is obvious, like a cracked window, then you won’t have any trouble deciding how to fix it. However, you may not be certain where the air is coming in from. Most leaks from around your windows are small and unobtrusive.

If you need to find the source of the draft, light a candle, a match, or some incense. Move the object you picked slowly around the home window frame. When you see the flame move or if you see the smoke’s trail shift, you know you’ve found a spot where air is coming in. Mark the place where you saw evidence of a air shift.

Cost Effective Repairs

If you need to temporarily fix a small opening around the edge of your window, you have several options:


You can put storm windows up every autumn to help keep the cold drafts out. These convenient, removable windows will fit inside your window frame, adding an extra layer against the outdoors. If you buy and install these, your problem should be solved.


This inexpensive product is easy to add to your window frame. You’ll still be able to open and close the window.


Caulking is always an easy, cheap, and fast way to seal up a hole. Just make sure the area is clean before you apply the new caulk.


If the hole you’re plugging is on the bottom of your window, a draft snake can provide extra insulation. You can buy these items online, or you can make your own. Just put dry rice inside an old knee-high sock and tie it off, then lay it against the bottom of the window.


If you’re worried about your window panes, a film can insulate them. Look for shrink film at a home improvement store or online. All you need is to lay it flat against the window and use a hair dryer to seal it on. If you want to remove it later, rubbing alcohol will take it off easily.


Heavy curtains do a surprisingly good job of insulating your windows. Find quality curtains large enough to completely cover your home window.
If you need to get the draft fixed quickly and easily, these solutions may do the trick. However, if the draft is severe and you really want to get it fixed permanently, you may need a stronger solution.


You will be looking at spending more $$, however, these are long term, value adding repairs and fixes. If you have the $$ to solve the problem instead of simply putting a band aid, you won’t regret the investment.

Contact Dallas Glass Repair and Replacement today at: 972-408-6233 for a free quote and fix your home windows today!