What To Do When Auto Glass or Home Windows Break

Dallas and Plano home and auto owners will all eventually need to replace or repair broken windows or glass.  Contact Dallas Auto and Residential  and our local Dallas and Plano staff of certified glass pros will come out to your vehicle’s location or home to give a free, no obligation estimate.

When one of your home windows is damaged it can pose a serious threat and possibly harm to the home occupants. Take the following measures to insure nothing more serious than your auto or residential glass/windows being broke in the first place has caused:

Be sure to wear steel toed shoes and thick gloves to avoid personal injury.

Pick up the large pieces of glass and dispose of them.  Helpful tip –  use wide as possible masking tape by pressing it into the shards of glass and dispose of them this way.

If possible – thoroughly vacuum the area and surrounding area where your home or auto glass broke.

Safety measures like these when  your Dallas/Plano auto or residential windows and/or glass breaks can minimize headaches and any unnecessary future problems you may encounter.

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