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Costly , windy, cold air leaks can have long term effects. During the hot DFW Summers, you want your windows to shut properly and keep hot air out, and in the winter, cold air shouldn’t sneak in and drive up your heating bills. To keep your home comfortable, affordable, and energy efficient, you need to find ways to keep your windows from leaking air.

The good news is that you have many options for fixing those drafts. No matter how your pocket book looks, you can find a solution to fit your budget needs.

If the source of the draft is obvious, like a cracked window, then you won’t have any trouble deciding how to fix it. However, you may not be certain where the air is coming in from. Most leaks from around your windows are small and unobtrusive.

If you need to find the source of the draft, light a candle, a match, or some incense. Move the object you picked slowly around the home window frame. When you see the flame move or if you see the smoke’s trail shift, you know you’ve found a spot where air is coming in. Mark the place where you saw evidence of a air shift.

Cost Effective Repairs

If you need to temporarily fix a small opening around the edge of your window, you have several options:


You can put storm windows up every autumn to help keep the cold drafts out. These convenient, removable windows will fit inside your window frame, adding an extra layer against the outdoors. If you buy and install these, your problem should be solved.


This inexpensive product is easy to add to your window frame. You’ll still be able to open and close the window.


Caulking is always an easy, cheap, and fast way to seal up a hole. Just make sure the area is clean before you apply the new caulk.


If the hole you’re plugging is on the bottom of your window, a draft snake can provide extra insulation. You can buy these items online, or you can make your own. Just put dry rice inside an old knee-high sock and tie it off, then lay it against the bottom of the window.


If you’re worried about your window panes, a film can insulate them. Look for shrink film at a home improvement store or online. All you need is to lay it flat against the window and use a hair dryer to seal it on. If you want to remove it later, rubbing alcohol will take it off easily.


Heavy curtains do a surprisingly good job of insulating your windows. Find quality curtains large enough to completely cover your home window.
If you need to get the draft fixed quickly and easily, these solutions may do the trick. However, if the draft is severe and you really want to get it fixed permanently, you may need a stronger solution.


You will be looking at spending more $$, however, these are long term, value adding repairs and fixes. If you have the $$ to solve the problem instead of simply putting a band aid, you won’t regret the investment.

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