Why You Should Rainproof your Windshield for Spring

Spring is now upon us, and with the springtime comes the dreaded rain storms. If you’re worried about your vehicle staying dry in the springtime rain, there are plenty of options that can set your mind at ease.First, it is crucial to diagnose what worries you about your vehicle. Is your windshield (or you’re your side windows) chipped, cracked, or worse? If so, your ride might not only get its interior soaked, but it could be extremely dangerous to drive in under any conditions.

The most important part of rain-proofing your car is to first fix any damage that could cause leaks or further breakage. This can easily be done by bringing your car in for a quick repair or replacement. It is absolutely worth getting this diagnosis done. Some nicks and cracks are too deep or unstable to attempt repair. Any “patches” done on badly damaged glass may end up making the problem worse and you will likely end up wasting your money when it is ineffective.
When a chip or crack appears on your windshield, the crack itself is digging in to the glass. This means that with any force (even rain water) that falls onto your windshield, the more likely that crack is to expand or shatter your windshield. Even driving over a pothole can cause a jarring vibration that finally does in that ominous crack, as well.
In order to properly rainproof your windshield for the spring weather, be sure to first diagnose and fix those underlying problems. Invest long-term in your safety—fixing or replacing your windshield will rainproof and dustproof your vehicle as well as protect you from the snow, rocks, and debris that gets kicked up in everyday life.
For even better results, after repairs are complete, consider rain repellent such as Rain Ex or water repellent car wax, which are commonly used in windshield wiper fluid and applied by hand, respectively.Rain repellent causes rain drops to bead on the windshield, no matter how big the downpour, so that the driver can retain maximum visibility through rainstorms. Rather than sheets of water creating an impenetrable wall in front of you, solutions such as wax or Rain Ex are excellent ways of making your drive safer for under $15.

You can also purchase windshield wipers with Rain Ex embedded in the wiper materials, which is a win-win, as you will have new and perfectly functioning wiper blades ready for rain, and the rain repellent that will make driving a lot safer.
Make sure that when preparing to rainproof your vehicle, you take the safe route for you and your family—repair or replace your windshield and invest in the long-term. Come summer, fall, and winter, your car will then be protected by dust, rocks, snow, and other environmental entities—Rain Ex will not protect you then—by making the necessary repairs now, you can be worry-free for what each season throws at you.

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